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How to order wine at a restaurant

How to order wine at a restaurant

Ordering wine at a restaurant is a simple process, really. All it takes to pick the right tipple is for you to follow a few easy steps. That way, you’ll get the most out of your dining experience. Waiters at two of Cape Town’s best eateries offer some pointers. Start with your food Trevor, a […]

The Perfect Wine Gift

The Perfect Wine Gift

No matter which language you grew up speaking, “Dad” was one of the first words you ever learned. It means someone that loves you, supports you, and has your back no matter what. This Father’s Day, we’re guessing that your company and happiness are all the thanks your dad needs. But, a bottle of wine […]


Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Seven

I am bursting at the vines to share the highlight of my time as a Perdeberg Vine. Jenny Morris, yes, the Jenny Morris, ‘The Giggling Gourmet’ International Celebrity Chef, radio and TV presenter and author, came to visit me. We spent some time together, catching up; giggling, toasting the latest harvest … I even got […]

What we love most about you, Mum

What we love most about you, Mum

Once again, we’re blessed with the annual day in our calendar that celebrates the best woman in the world, the one that loved us unconditionally from before we even took our first breath. Warm hugs, homemade food, a word of encouragement and the knowing that no matter what, she’ll always be there for you: Mum. […]

Is your wine corked?

Is your wine corked?

Drinking wine is usually about slowing down and savouring a moment, whether you’re at the dinner table with loved ones, or enjoying a sunset all by yourself. But, every once and a while, that joy is sabotaged because your wine is corked. What is corked wine? Cork taint contaminates fewer than five percent of wines […]

Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Six

The 20th of March 2016 saw the official start of autumn which means we are now even closer to Winter, our rainy season here in the fairest Cape, and I am crossing all my branches and stems in hope that we have a very rainy Winter, we all know how much I need it. June […]


Get your autumn on with Merlot

What do you know? Autumn has swung back around again. That means milder days, chillier evenings and a rethink about how you plan to spend your “me” time. Cuddling on the couch with your cat may seem like more fun than hitting the beach. Flip-flops will go into storage, while fluffy slippers will come out. […]

Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Five

A few blasts of relief, in the form of a meagre 25mm of rainfall in the last week, have helped perk me up and keep me going. I know I have to be grateful for small mercies, but enough now of this heatwave nonsense. Do you know that the first 20 days of this year […]