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Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Five

prudence_5A few blasts of relief, in the form of a meagre 25mm of rainfall in the last week, have helped perk me up and keep me going. I know I have to be grateful for small mercies, but enough now of this heatwave nonsense. Do you know that the first 20 days of this year have been over 35 degrees? Aaaggghhh in Agter Paarl!

And now I feel quite chilled because not only is it deliciously cool this week in comparison to how it was but I’m happy to say that I’ll have less to worry about now too. They’re planning to harvest my fruit – which is doing exceptionally well after all the care that’s been taken of me this season. I think the guys will be rather pleased with how I’ve worked with nature to produce for them the perfect fruit for their Chenin wines.

And given the bashing I’ve had in terms of relentless heat and wind (they’ll be renaming me Gale at this rate), I’m proud to say that I’ve withstood it all – and seen it through without exemption – and I did it my way (to quote an old crooner). My deep roots have worked the soil to keep me in good shape and looking really rather fit and gorgeous. I reckon I deserve a medal.