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Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Seven

prudence_jennyI am bursting at the vines to share the highlight of my time as a Perdeberg Vine. Jenny Morris, yes, the Jenny Morris, ‘The Giggling Gourmet’ International Celebrity Chef, radio and TV presenter and author, came to visit me. We spent some time together, catching up; giggling, toasting the latest harvest … I even got a hug!

As you may know, Jenny Morris is the face of Perdeberg Wines so my fellow vineyard mates – Priscilla Pinotage, Sidney Shiraz, and Cecil Cabernet-Sauvignon – were part of the party too.  What a fabulous woman – if I could be human for one day, she’s who I’d want to be.

My human colleagues at Perdeberg have put up all the pictures from that special day – please do head over and check them out on my very own blog.

And the happiness just goes on and on because we have had one of the best starts to the rainy season. We had a massive 44mm of rain during April compared to last year’s 1mm and 33mm in 2014 – I’m quenched and fulfilled and feeling blessed.

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