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Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Three

prudence_issue2I’ve had an interesting time in the last month. First of all, the bad news – it reached 41 degrees during our recent mini heatwave in my vineyard and we became a little dispirited, not to say downright thirsty.

Then, the heavens blessed us with some good news in the form of a great big downpour – a whopping 12mm of rain. Wow, that was nice.

And the real beauty of it was that there wasn’t too much wind so I was able to take full advantage of the moisture and retain it for future goodness.

At least I have some reserves for the sunny days ahead.

As I told you last month, we had some of our grape bunches cut so that we can focus on making the most sumptuous fruit rather than dissipating our energies and it’s paid off because my grapes are coming along really rather well.
You can see how grateful I was for this blessing … I’ve responded in kind and become perky and bushy again.

This picture shows me with my new found energy – happy at last!

Watch this space to see how I cope with the oncoming summer in a place where we don’t have irrigation – it’s a game of survival and triumph, that’s for sure.