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Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Two

Message from Prudence, the Perdeberg vine (who lives in the Agter Paarl region)

prudence_issue2I have been really thirsty – we’ve had a dismal rainfall this winter (52mm in August and September, compared with 140mm in the same period last year).

I had a little drink this week because it rained a bit … but now I’m competing with two things beginning with W … the wind (which blows the moisture away) and the weeds which want to drink the water I need.

And then, here’s the real sob story, I’ll be losing some of my lovely grapes. Wherever I’ve got two bunches on one shoot, and in order to preserve the best fruit, they’ll be taking one bunch away. How sad is that … but it has to happen so that I can continue to make beautiful fruit for beautiful wine … that’s my job and I can still rise to the challenge – with a little help from my friends at Perdeberg.

This picture shows me with no weeds … yay, they’ve been taken away!

Watch this space to see how I cope with the oncoming summer in a place where we don’t have irrigation – it’s a game of survival and triumph, that’s for sure.


Perdeberg vineyards have received 300mm less rainfall than normal this last winter. The weather people are talking about this being an “El Nino” year. Compared to 2014, when the rainfall levels were 636.8mm and this year they were just 400mm. Vines like Prudence deal with the stress and draw deep into the ground for water.