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Once Upon a Pinotage

Once Upon a Pinotage

It was in 1925 that virtuoso of vino, Abraham Izak Perold, the very first professor of viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch, had a look at grape variants Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (which was known as Hermitage) and decided to apply unchartered innovation to viticulture by cultivating these two grapes together to see what would […]

Taste of Cape Town 2015

I dont know about you, but I left this festival with a Great taste in my mouth. For Perdeberg Winery, the partnership with Joubert & Monty’s biltong, was a resounding success. The different pairings were well thought out and presented. Of course this is all based on feedback I got from the jolly festival goers. […]

Drinking wine during work hours….Tough life right?

So for those of you sitting in an office, wondering what us normal folke (and Zebras) do on a daily basis on a wine farm, I thought I will give you some insights. Please remember you are all welcome to take a day off at work and come visit us !! We get to drink […]


Perdeberg Hide and Seek Hill

Hide and Seek hill Have you ever walked into a place and thought sherbet I used to play here, wow that brings back memories? No not your 4 x4 cubicle at work, that does not count  as a play area!! As I was doing my Saturday Morning walk, (I like to double check the work of […]

Meet Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra

Meet Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra

Hi, I am Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra – you might recognise me from their new wine label! New perdeberg labels You know I am more than just a zebra, I am the most important member of the Perdeberg family, symbolising the heritage, Perdeberg’s love for the land, and most importantly: the uniqueness of their wines. Zebras have always been synonymous with Perdeberg. The […]