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Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Four

I had an early Christmas present in the form of 20mm of rainfall so I’m storing this up for the not so festive dry spell ahead. I’ve had no choice but to drop even more of my grapes as my berries are very small – and they will need all the strength they can muster […]

Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Three

I’ve had an interesting time in the last month. First of all, the bad news – it reached 41 degrees during our recent mini heatwave in my vineyard and we became a little dispirited, not to say downright thirsty. Then, the heavens blessed us with some good news in the form of a great big […]

Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue Two

Message from Prudence, the Perdeberg vine (who lives in the Agter Paarl region) I have been really thirsty – we’ve had a dismal rainfall this winter (52mm in August and September, compared with 140mm in the same period last year). I had a little drink this week because it rained a bit … but now […]

Interview with a winemaker – Albertus Louw

Interview with a winemaker – Albertus Louw

    What was the defining moment in your life which set you on the path of becoming a winemaker? I grew up on a farm with vineyards and was always interested in wine and vineyards. When I started my studies and started to work with wine, I knew that I will never do anything […]

Bushy Tails from Perdeberg – Issue One

I’m Prudence, the Perdeberg vine and I live in the Agter Paarl region. We’ve had a really dry winter – less than half the rainfall we usually have. But don’t worry – I’m made of stern stuff. Together with my fellow vines, we rise to the challenge of stressful and ever changing micro climate conditions. […]