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Get your autumn on with Merlot

What do you know? Autumn has swung back around again. That means milder days, chillier evenings and a rethink about how you plan to spend your “me” time. Cuddling on the couch with your cat may seem like more fun than hitting the beach. Flip-flops will go into storage, while fluffy slippers will come out. And for many wine drinkers, lighter tipples like Pinot Noir Rosé will give way to slightly bolder varieties. Merlot is one of them. It’s an accessible, widely loved wine in the medium-bodied red style. Here’s a quick look at why it’s just right for autumn.

Goodbye summer-water

Zesty white wines and rosés go really well with warm summer days, but satisfy less well during autumn. Merlot’s flavour profile makes it a better choice.
It’s packed full of intense flavours such as dark berry and plum on the nose, and has soft, ripe tannins on the palate. Added to that, its finish is long and smooth. All in all, the feeling it brings on when you’re drinking it is a bit like slipping into a comfy pull-over. Very “autumn”!

Let’s eat

As the weather gets cooler, more often than not, we’ll press pause on lean salads and say “yes please” to comfort food. Roasts, pies, the odd casserole: that’s where we’re headed.
The medium-bodied Merlot responds well to the deeply savoury, autumn flavours found in roast chicken, Parmesan and mushrooms. It also works with roast beef, mutton, steak and caramelised roast veggies.

So, drink up, eat well and slow down this autumn. After all, life is for living. Best wishes from us!