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Lekker Lazy Lizards

Lekker Lazy Lizards

The attention to detail I demand during Harvest.

There is a little Lizard, called a wingerd koggelmander (I don’t know what the english name is), he makes an appearance when the grapes arrive from harvest and we have a few sets of eagle eye guys, here on the farm, who watch out for these fellow nature lovers (I am a nature lover for sure) and to pick them out before the grapes get sent to the press.


Yesterday I was helping to catch a few of them.


They are not that lazy actually, they run damn fast, but the interesting thing about them is, when you hold them in your hand and rub their head with your thumb, they fall asleep. That’s a Lekker Lazy Lizard.


These guys also they remind me of a chameleon, they can change their skin colour, not as in from green to brown, but light to dark.


So does this story have a happy ending? Yes it does.

You see, when we catch them, we  release them back into the vineyard, so they can continue to catch flies and this means those damn flies don’t bother me anymore. Think about it, hitting them with my tail, means I am whipping myself…..AND THAT IS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.


We don’t support cruelty to animals on this farm !!


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