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Meet Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra

Meet Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra

Hi, I am Merlot, the Perdeberg zebra – you might recognise me from their new wine label!

Perdeberg Wine labels
New perdeberg labels
You know I am more than just a zebra, I am the most important member of the Perdeberg family, symbolising the heritage, Perdeberg’s love for the land, and most importantly: the uniqueness of their wines.
Zebras have always been synonymous with Perdeberg. The magnificent Paardeberg mountain range is named in honour of my wild zebra and quagga family that used to roam the area; and in the early days, these beautiful family members used to wander freely through the Perdeberg vineyards.
The team from Perdeberg have always had a deep respect for the land and put a lot of effort into conserving endangered flora and fauna, which suits me fine, I get much better grazing…lol. So it’s only fitting that one of the region’s most legendary indigenous creatures should find its way into the hearts of the Paarl people and onto the Perdeberg wine label.
So, the team at Perdeberg have seen my real talents and have now promoted me to head of sociability…………..meaning, I am responsible for making sure everyone is kept on their toes and having fun. I now have my own blog (welcome) and look out for me on facebook, twitter, Google+ and my newsletter where I will be sending out news and important information about competitions or new wines, where my friends will get a little something extra each time, just because we care and appreciate you.
Remember, Perdeberg, we’re the one with the zebra!