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New Popular Range Label

I recently caught up with Perdeberg Group’s Brand Manager, Fergill Fortuin, on the new packaging change:

“Brands go through subtle label refreshments from time to time and marketers are always weary that their loyal brand followers will disapprove of drastic changes to their favourite product. Perdeberg used to be a co-op (since 1941) and released a co-op label when we entered the packaged market in 2005.  We changed from a Co-Op to a (Pty) on 28 Sept 2012 and this is when we decided that a packaging change is needed as our wine quality as a producer, has been competing against premium wine estates, but our packaging did not look the part. Of course we had to get buy-in from our loyal brand followers. We went through a series of consumer surveys, testing new packaging concepts and getting valuable feedback from our fans. The end product reflected a premium, modern look & feel with recognizable brand elements from the previous packaging, so that the new product is identifiable to the consumer.

We have also had some really good feedback from all of you:

•             This is definitely a nice new fresh look that will attract attention on shelf at the right price. Well Done, Good Luck and happy sales!!!

•             The picture of the zebra is indeed eye-catching and will be much easier to spot on the  shelf.

•             Very appealing and different – Certainly easier to find the product on the shelves.

•             The new bottle has greater impact than the old one. As a retired retailer I feel that impulse purchases will increase.

•             This should lead to more loyal Perdeberg customers.

•             This is a very modern and clean looking label with the label showing Perdeberg Winery very clearly.  Well done!

•             I love the new look……your zebra stands out much more, bigger, bolder……not lost in writing

•             Love the new look.  It is clearly identifiable brand and cultivar.

•             Fantastic improvement – very classy, upmarket design.”

Thanks Fergill and to all of my fans and friends, here’s to a great spring and fruitful summer