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Competition Winners and New Competitions

My team at Perdeberg has kept everybody jolly over the last couple of months, by running a few competitions and had some really great feedback from everyone- thank you! I’d love to elaborate more, but don’t want to horse around too much, here are the winners!!
Hendrik van der Merwe:
Participated in the online survey in April, when my mates worked on the Perdeberg Popular Range label- changing my stripes. Hennie got some nice wine to enjoy with his mates.
Dina Dos Santos:
For LIKE-ing my new look label, on my stable’s Facebook page, Perdeberg Winery, we are sending Dina a case of wine
Dina Dos Santos - Perdeberg winner
Dina Dos Santos
Stay connected with me & I’ll chat to my mates to see if we can run another competition soon!