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Perdeberg Potjie Day

Perdeberg Potjie Day

Another Perdeberg Potjie day anyone? Lets set a date !!

You know, I keep hearing stories about how the last Perdeberg Potjie Day Competition was so much fun. Apparently everyone told stories, they laughed alot, ate great food and drank great wine. Each time I hear these stories, I get the usual line, ” Oh Merlot, you should have  been there”. While  my standard sarcastic reply is, “Thanks for the invite, I was right over there in that field. You could have opened the gate for me !!”. with that in mind, I would like to host another event, bring back the defending champions and  just have a jolly good time with friends and good wine.

Who is interested?
Let me know by either liking this post or like it on facebook or twitter and we will set up a date for the big show down.
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