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Taste of Cape Town 2015

I dont know about you, but I left this festival with a Great taste in my mouth.

For Perdeberg Winery, the partnership with Joubert & Monty’s biltong, was a resounding success. The different pairings were well thought out and presented. Of course this is all based on feedback I got from the jolly festival goers. I am a vegetarian, so Biltong is not my thing……nor is wine actually, but I did get great feedback.

My blood type allows me (demands) to stick to Water, Grass, some fynbos and my ultimate  delicacy (my kryptonite) flowers (when I get a chance to run through the Perdeberg gardens and munch on some hehe).

However, the festival was really good fun, I met some amazing people and I have certainly been left with a great taste in my mouth.

Thanks to all who came and supported us, I cannot wait until next year.