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The Perfect Wine Gift

The Perfect Wine Gift

No matter which language you grew up speaking, “Dad” was one of the first words you ever learned. It means someone that loves you, supports you, and has your back no matter what.

This Father’s Day, we’re guessing that your company and happiness are all the thanks your dad needs. But, a bottle of wine would be a nice touch. Give him something from our Dry Land Collection. It’s our very best, and here’s why.

What makes it special?

Dry-land farming is the gold standard of winemaking. It’s the traditional way of doing things and, most importantly, the grapes it produces are more flavourful than those grown using irrigation – i.e. when farmers apply extra water.

In Europe, most vineyards farm dry land because the regions they’re in get enough water during summer. South Africa can’t say the same. Instead, our country’s summer water shortages mean we generally have to rely on irrigation. Consequently, many homegrown wines are world class, though perhaps not as marvellous as they could be.


How about a Perdeberg Dry Land Collection Joseph’s Legacy wine for dad this Father’s Day? Available online or in local shops.

Our very best

When it comes to our dry-land farming, South Africa’s lack of water during summer is a good thing. Essentially, less water makes grapes smaller by forcing them to switch from growth mode to reproductive mode sooner.

Vines produce more shoots and leaves during growth mode. In reproductive mode, their concentration of colour and flavour emerges. You want this shift in mode to happen before berries have grown too much because small berries have a greater ratio of skin to juice. Since the flavour and colour sit in the skin of red grapes, and just under it in white grapes, a ratio favouring skin over juice is perfect.

Yes, you’ll produce fewer grapes by farming dry land in a water-poor region. But, richly flavourful wine will be the reward. And this is the kind of wine your dad deserves this Father’s Day. Buy it online right here.

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