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WIN dinner for two

If you’re fed-up because your partner hasn’t taken you to a fancy dinner lately, this might just tickle your fancy…Perdeberg is hosting a few dinners at some of the best restaurants around the country. I’m connected (but you know that already!) and will hook you up with a seat for you and your partner… or someone whom you’re not fed-up with;).
For now, I have seats available in KZN and Gauteng, I will be choosing worthy, upstanding fans to attend!!!
Get to know me first though, you know where to find me!


Pietermaritzburg: The Terrace on Hilton – 25th of September


Pretoria: Gabbata Lodge – 23rd of October

Pretoria: Blu Saffron Restaurant and Lounge – 6th of November

31 Responses

  1. Carol

    Love the website

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Aaawwww Thanks Carol (blush), Not sure if it reflects my best side and I think there is too much colour. I would have gone with Black and White if it was my choice.

  2. shahida

    always but always its people that win something in that areas not in the western cape

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Hi Shahida

      I want you to know I do love you !! The unfortunate fans in the “binneland” dont get to come to the farm to meet me and the great team. I want to extend my love to them all, especially when they cant get a hug from me. For example we have the Perdeberg annual Family Fun day coming up. You get to come to that event. I promise that I will have a word with my owners and ask them to add in a little something special for my fellow Kaapenaars.

    2. Merlot The Zebra

      Hi Shahida, why dont you start here and enter to win a case of wine……

  3. Beverley Munian

    Meee Please

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Your enthusiasm has been noted my dear Beverley !!! The presiding Zebra Judge will be taking all facts into account and will make a fair and just decision based on the facts at hand.

  4. Sadia Patao

    LOVE you Merlot Zebra , would love to be treated with my partner that has a hectic year, but if I win a competition who can say no ? Then he will be forced to spent time with me and I can introduce you to him. Keep on making the happiness happening .


    1. Merlot The Zebra

      You making me Blush Sadia !!! Stop it

  5. Daphne Seiler

    My husband and I are about to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary – a candlelight dinner with a few bottles from the Perdeberg range would be a perfect way to celebrate. Merlot can come to if it is not past his bed time!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Wow Daphne, I am not even 44 years old, that is a very good Marriage !!! Whats your secret?

  6. Refiloe

    I love my dinner with the complement of a merlot, this would be a great opportunity to go out with my husband

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Thanks Refiloe, it sounds like your husband is a lucky man.

  7. Ly-anne Davies

    Good Day, to win this dinner would be like fulfilling my own heritage.When i see Merlot the Zebra on you wine bottles it firstly signifies good taste, loyalty , family and love, i have worked for Investec and they too share the same passion of the Zebra. The fact that the Zebra signifies “Black & White” it makes me aware that it embraces all South Africans, it has that rare uniqueness that is describes passion for our land and people. If i should win this dinner, i lift my glass up high and toast for the zebra, because without it’s originality i cannot foresee a better SA. Cheers:), to Merlot “Our” Zebra!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      You make a strong case Ly-Anne !!! Are you a lawyer by trade?

  8. Brenda Nel

    Would love to have fine dining with my darling husband of 30 years. We do not have the opportunity to share many of these occasions. The Merlot Perdeberg will round off the meal.

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Brenda, They say I add humour and warmth to occasions. Let me see how judgment goes.

  9. I would like to be the lucky couple as we enjoy great wine with great food
    Also made use of the special at Checkers to stock up on your great wines that can add to a great evening

  10. Nomathemba Lion

    I would mind to be pampered, after giving birth haven’t be to a nice resturant or had Dinner, worse never being out, i think this is the perfect time after 2 years, But still love Merlot Perdeberg with my supper. Without it am no one…. Cheers

  11. Karin Swanepoel

    Gr8, just in time for my husband’s Bday in October 2014! Sure wish to win this to earn my “stripes” 😉

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Karin, we will certainly keep that in mind when deliberating over the evidence at hand


    Young Merlot sounds like a very mature sort of fellow, he must also have good looks because the majority of comments (if not all) seem to come from young ladies – say no more! However since my good lady and I have not been out for a fancy meal in ages, because we are pensioners and we have to watch the pennies, is it possible to persuade Merlot to let us know when he will be sponsoring a dinner for the Kaapenaars! Oh I should really stop whining!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Steve us Zebra’s neigh…..lol
      On a serious note Steve, we have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of the year, all my favourite Kaapenaars will definitely get their chance.

    2. Merlot The Zebra

      HI Steve
      Why dont you start here and enter to win a case of wine……

  13. M

    Pardeberg Wines is always a must at any occation. Love it!!!!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Any Occasion indeed !!

  14. M

    To selebrate any occations.

  15. Dawn W

    Wow this would be absolutely awesome seeing as I am celebrating my 50th and my 24th wedding anniversary within a week of each other. we have never really celebrated with anything fancy so this would make it so special.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Merlot!!!!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      Wow that is a great achievement, let me add that to my list, so I can make an informed decision.
      Thanks for all the Love

  16. Frikkie Olivier

    I really got hooked on the black and white stripes of Perdeberg wines. With Perdeberg in my cabinet I wow friends and family every time! Yesterday we enjoyed the wine with friends and asked them about the taste which they were over the top about it, then I asked them to guess what the value of these wines could be…. the Soft smooth Red capped…………..yes!……. R110.00 and the Chenin R70.00…..this is how awesome your wines are. Our friends are on their way to Shoprite today to get stock, that’s how I earn my stripes, by word of mouth marketing for Perdeberg!!
    Thank you for providing us with your selection of easy drinking wines and thanks the Shoprite for the special to enable us to stock up on excellent wines for the summer.
    Congratulations on the stripes you earned great accomplishment. Thanks for the 2 tickets to Gabatta Lodge for me and my wife (We stay close to the lodge) and we would love to meet you
    the same time!

    1. Merlot The Zebra

      I would love to see some photos from your stay at Gabatta Lodge. Why don’t you send me some via email and we can put them up in my Gallery on the website. You never know I might just make you famous.

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