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Wine to go with your Banting diet ?

Perdeberg  Chenin BlancWhile Professor Tim Noakes and fellow authors of the massively popular ‘Real Meal Revolution’ eating regime book do not necessarily advocate the consumption of alcohol, what they do promote is a reduction of sugar in the diet.

Having a closer look at the wine fermentation process- the yeasts eat the carbohydrates, producing alcohol, heat and CO2. Whatever sugars remain then contribute to the total carbohydrate in the wine. Compared to a sweet wine that has quite a lot of residual sugar, a dry wine has very little residual sugar.

So Perdeberg Winery has the answer for those who would love to enjoy some wine but feel guilty taking even a sip. With just 1.6g per litre of residual sugar, Perdeberg Chenin Blanc has by far the lowest sugar content compared to other Chenin Blancs in its category. Most other Chenin Blancs on the market have an average of 4.6g/l (ranging from 2.2g/l to 6.4g/l), making Perdeberg’s Chenin Blanc a clear 0.6g/l less than the lowest of the competition.

The reason Perdeberg’s Chenin Blanc is so much lower in residual sugar is because of the composition of their vineyards. As Perdeberg’s cellarmaster, Albertus Louw, explains: “Our grapes ripen naturally and because they draw upon nature, the result of dry land farming impacts positively on the quality of the fruit in terms of flavour concentration. This then translates to the wine, of course, and makes excellent, balanced wines. After fermentation, the wine’s alcohol; acidity and sugar are in balance and no sugar concentrate is added.”

So whether you follow a strict banting diet or just a healthy eating lifestyle, be sure to balance your lifestyle with the low residual sugar, Perdeberg Chenin Blanc.

You can order online here and get it delivered to your door


You can order online here and get it delivered to your door